Cairns Post Main Arena Highlights

The Cairns Post Main Arena always guarantees visitors plenty of free entertainment, which keeps them amazed for fireworkshours. 

During the day take a seat and enjoy the many equestrian events. Then from 5pm expect fast, noisy and breathe taking acts from a jam packed Main Arena  program.                                        

Wood chop Competition

A traditional crowd favourite, the Wood Chop competition, continues to attract top notch competitors from around Australia providing entertainment as Axemen demonstrated their precision, power and speed.

Musical Extravaganzas

A showcase of local school's musical talents from Hip Hop to Cheerleading. This is an exciting and great experience for students to perform under the spotlight to a large audience and for parents to watch this proud achievement. Please grab a seat in the grandstand and show your support.

poleCairns Taxis & Ergon Energy present the Pole Climbing Championships    

Watch with amazement as competitors run up 90ft poles in a matter of seconds.

The object of the Competition is to climb to the top of the pole and hit the electronic buzzer in the fastest time. The climbers use toe spikes on their boots and a safety harness as the only equipment utilised during the climb.

Showtime FMX

Be astonished as you watch the riders perform tricks such as rock solids, jack hammers, nac nacs and a crowd favourite... back flips whilst 12 meters in the air!

Tjapukai Dancers

When you hear the Didgeridoo calling make your way to the Main Arena to be enchanted by the Tjapukai dancers.

Fireworks Finale

Each year the nightly firework grand finale gets bigger and better. Settle in and gaze at successions of star - shells, dazzling Roman candles and Catherine wheels lighting up the sky. A magical way to end your night.  

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