Seven Cairns Heritage Park Highlights

The Seven Cairns Heritage Park is a favourite area with families as they are transported back to olden times with animaldemonstrations of little known or forgotten parts of our history. The area includes craftsman and historical displays which run throughout the three days of the Show.                                                

Sevens Cairns Heritage Park has something for everyone, all included in the price of your ticket to the Show. As well as Historical displays, the area also plays host to some of the most popular acts on the show grounds such as the Animal Nursery, Noahs Pig Racing and the Cairns Regional Council Community Stage.

Animal Nursery 

The Animal Nursery is by far a popular area where everyone can get up close and personal with some of the cutest little animals you'll ever see. This Pavilion is not restricted to any age and is a must see for animal lovers. Expect lots of cuddles with soballame fluffy animals.

Cairns Regional Council Community Stage

Artists and performers representing a variety of community groups and local schools from the Far North sing, dance and showcased their multi-cultural talents over the 3 days of the Show.

Jonas Kirk - The Artful Bodger

Centuries ago groups of craftsmen would camp out in the forest and build all sorts of things from the timber around them, traveling from Perth, Cairns Show is now the only Show in Australia where visitors can see these amazing wood skills presented by Jonas and his Wife Janet.

Camp Oven Cooking

Camp Oven Cooking Demonstrations are a special part to our heritage display.radical

Our Camp Oven Cooks prepare and cook Dampers, Stews & Curries and offer samples of their menu for patrons to try.


Reptile Education Safety Training Australia.

Get up close and personal with all types of reptiles whilst learning how to stay safe around them.

Old Beauties - Cairns Historical Car Club

Beautifully restored cars, couples, buckboards and trucks on display for the 3 days of the Show

Noah's Thoroughbred Racing Pigs

From the bugle race call, through the obstacles, to the last snout in the finishing trough. Will it be Pork Scrathings or Apple Sauce that wins the race? Great family fun entertainment. 

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