Biosecurity for Cairns Show

Working Together for Animal Health - In order to protect the welfare of animals attending the Show the following procedures are in place to ensure the safety of both our Competitors and their animals:

  • All livestock entering the grounds should be from properties actively practicing good biosecurity principles to the best of their abilities.
  • Animal (s) demonstrating signs of disease or contamination will not be allowed to enter the grounds
  • Animal health declaration forms will be required from all livestock owners. Animal Health declarations must be handed to the Chief Steward and signed by the owner or person in charge of delivery upon the animals arrival to the showgrounds, health declarations must not be sent in to the Show Office with entry forms.

There are two health declaration forms for the Cairns Show available from our website or the Show Office

All animals entering these showgrounds must comply with the health requirements detailed in the health declarations.

The Cairns Show Association has implemented the following:

  • A veterinarian will be on call during the event
  • A method of making emergency phone calls or alternative communication will be in place
  • Public access has been minimised to horse stables areas
  • There is separate vehicle parking for competitors and spectators
  • Hand-hygiene facilities have been supplied with the installation of Veterinarian grade alcohol gel dispensers in all livestock areas
  • Designation of an isolation area for sick animals
  • A Bio Security plan is in place for the annual Cairns Show.

The Cairns Show Association makes the following recommendations for all competitors:

Primary responsibility for biosecurity at horse events lies with the horse owners/competitors, long before the event.

  • Practice good biosecurity, good hygiene and decontamination of equipment.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand wipes and waterless hand hygiene solution immediately after handling animals.
  • Competitors and animal carers are urged to promote the washing of hands to members of the public upon entering and leaving the livestock area.
  • Animal Carers should actively discourage the public from feeding animals.
  • If an animal is unwell at an event, notify an event official (Chief Steward) immediately
  • Stop all non-essential contact with the sick horse and blood or body fluids from the horse until a veterinarian has excluded Hendra virus infection as the cause of illness.

Useful Sites

Bio Security Queensland - Animal Health

Further information regarding Hendra


  • Designated waste skips will be placed outside the stables.
  • Please place all manure in this skip.
  • As a skip is now provided please do not dump manure in the alleyways. Please keep the alleyways clean.
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