Smithfield Shopping Centre Scarecrow Competition
Scarecrow Competition RulesScarecrow_3

You could enter either as a group or as an individual with two class options available Traditional and Open. There are no age limitations!

Traditional - These Scarecrows will be typically old-fashioned figures constructed from throw-aways from the farm such as clothing, hay, stuffing, burlap, farm implements, or farm produce (corn husks, vegetables, pumpkins, etc.)

Open – Themed Scarecrows such as Indigenous, Show, Famous People, Jobs, Funny, Scary, Australiana, Environmental

How to make a Scarecrow


  • 1 x long wooden or bamboo garden stake
  • Stakes diameter to be no wider then 25mm
  • 1 x shorter stake to make the arms
  • An additional smaller stake can be used to make the waist
  • Use String, twine or nails to tie the frame together
  • Tie the stakes together in a cross shape to make your frame
  • Maximum height of Scarecrow to be no more than 2.5 Metres

Idea: Use a mop or broom as the frame, turn it upside down and the mop or broom head can become the Scarecrows head!


  • Make sure your Scarecrow is freestanding. Use a Hay Bale, Umbrella Stand or even sit you' re Scarecrow in a chair.

Clothes - Arms - Legs

  • Use old clothes to dress your Scarecrow. Visit local charity shops for old clothes and shoes.

Place clothes over the frame. Stuff the arms and legs with straw, old material or newspaper. If using trousers put one of the legs through the frame and secure, leave the other leg outside the frame and use stuffing to form the shape. Make sure that you securely tie up the ends of the arms and legs.


  • Pillow case, bag or material that can be stuffed to form a head.Scarecrow_6
  • Paint or markers to draw on a face.

Idea: If you like to get your hands dirty use papier-mâché to make the head.


  • Washing up gloves, stockings, mittens, straw or lavender.

Idea: If using straw or lavender push this into the arms and legs of the clothes, allowing the straw or lavender to stick out to make the hands and feet. Use string or twine around the end of the sleeves to keep the straw in place.


  • Socks or old shoes

How to Enter

Entries for the 2017 Smithfield Shopping Centre Scarecrow Competition will open in Apirl 2017!

Check out our Competitions page Here

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