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Cairns Show has partnered with the Cairns Post Inspire to provide the opportunity for the Inspire Junior Reporter to take on the role of Cairns Show Junior Reporter.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any inspiring young writers to gain experience and have their articles published in print and here on the Cairns Show Website.

The Roving Reporters position was introduced in 2011 as an avenue for young writers to experience and then report on the Cairns Show. Their articles are then posted on our website for the public to read. The role allows them to experience aspects of the show that the public do not see.    

2015 Junior Roving Reporter - Gemma Willich Gem_Website

We are pleased to introduce Gemma Willich as our 2015 Junior Roving Reporter. Gemma is looking forward to taking on this role and can't wait to ride the dodgem cars at this year show.

Check back regular to read all about Gemma's experiences throughout the year.

Welcome on board Gemma!

pdf Gemma's Introduction Piece.pdf

pdf Cairns Show Rural Ambassador.pdf

pdf Games At The Show.pdf

pdf On My Birthday.pdf

pdf The Opening With Miss Cairns Show Girl.docx.pdf


2014 Junior Roving Reporter - Heidi Berry 

Heidi is a huge fan of the Cairns Show and had a great time writing for our readers. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience of appearing in our TV commercials.. Heidi tells us about her experiances below.

Heidi's Articles291A5147_Heidi

pdf Roving Reporter Intro 2014.pdf

pdf Miss Showgirl High Tea and Winners Announcement.pdf

pdf Page1 Standing out from the crowd Bronze Filly Takes out this Years Race.pdf

pdf Page 2 Standing out from the crowd.pdf

pdf Page 3 Standing out from the crowd.pdf

pdf Heidi Berry had bags of fun reporting about the Show.pdf


2013 Junior Roving Reporter - Raijieli Rokocibi                                                   

Raijieli's time of our Roving Reporter helped to give her lots of experiance as a journalist as well as learn. You can read more about Raijeli's experiances below.

Raijieli Articles        Rac

pdf Junior Journalist becomes Roving Reporter.pdf

pdf Roll Up Roll Up.pdf

pdf Bilbies make a big appearance at the Show.pdf

pdf The Cairns Show has made it.pdf

pdf Aspiring Journalist makes her own news.pdf

pdf Miss Showgirl PostEd Article.pdf


2012 Junior Roving Reporter - Jade Davis                         

Jade's describes her experiences as ' a once in a lifetime opportunity', one that saw Jade take part in our television advert for the 2012 Show and being interviewed live on air.  We would like to thank Jade for her hard work and for delivering some great articles, which you can read below. 

Jade's Articles                        Jade_Davies_resized

pdf 2012 Miss Show Girl Article.pdf

pdf Cairns Show

pdf Give A Cheer For The Cairns Show Is Here

pdf Wow 80,000 Visit the Show.pdf

pdf Experience Far From the Imagination Now Within Limitation.pdf


2011 Junior Roving Reporter - Jesse Hyden

Jesse's role as Show Reporter involved a variety of jobs such as being Channel Sevens Roving Reporter and meeting Ruben Meerman the Surfing Scientist.  Thank you for all your hard work during the Show and we hope to see you at the 2012 Cairns Show. 

Jesse's Articles                                                       Jesse__Channel_Seven    

pdf Miss Show Girl Article.pdf

pdf Show Competitions.pdf                                                                                                   

pdf Science and technology display 2011 Cairns Show.pdf
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